An open platform for cloud-native application development.

Move Faster

Think less about infrastructure and focus on your application code.

Be Safer

AssemblyLift's novel runtime architecture gives you better security with less effort.

Spend Less

AssemblyLift is designed for infrastructure that allows you to pay for only exactly what you use.

Magic Workflow

asml cast + asml bind = up-and-running in minutes with the AssemblyLift CLI.

Get started by downloading the CLI or installing with Cargo

$> cargo install assemblylift-cli
$> asml help

The CLI takes care of building all of your application code and infrastructure. It uses Terraform to deploy and manage your infrastructure.

Managed Infrastructure-as-Code

Maintain less code and accelerate development.

Use a simple configuration language to quickly define a service, complete with HTTP API and authorization.

Write function code in the Rust programming language; crates supporting function development make it easy to write serverless HTTP handlers.