Bringing WebAssembly to AWS Lambda

AssemblyLift is framework for the serverless cloud.

Safe. Small. Fast.

High performance + tiny footprint.

Built from the ground-up in Rust with security first-in-mind.

Ready to give it a try?

$> cargo install assemblylift-cli

Install the CLI to get started.

$> asml init -n my_app

Then create your first project!

Isolated Execution

By default, WebAssembly (WASM) modules are unable communicate with the outside world. No sockets. No filesystem!

AssemblyLift provides this functionality via IO Modules, which execute network & storage functions on behalf of the module.

Thin Runtime

AssemblyLift keeps a tight deployment footprint and low memory overhead.

That means smaller bills for you! 💰

Near-Native Speed

AssemblyLift is built using Wasmer, a WebAssembly engine which can offer performance close to native binary execution (and getting faster all the time! 🚀).